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Driving Value Through A Customer Focus

Getting to Grips With Customer Motivations

On-line activities make metrics easier?

With a greater emphasis on marketing metrics, it is easy to see why so many marketing teams focus on measuring on line campaign performance using statistics such as click-through rates, website hits or, more sophisticated software that can track customer behavioub rs on-line.

Clearly, these metrics are useful however relying solely on this data doesn’t always give the full picture.

The full picture

Statistics can often tell you what is going on, but not necessarily why. You may have an increase in website traffic, for example, but what about the reasons. and motivations that drove the customer/prospect to the website in the first place? Data alone does not tell you the whole story.

To get the full picture, it is necessary to combine hard data with primary customer insights. This will help you understand and appreciate consideration and purchase triggers and why for instance someone opened an email or visited your website. Adding to statistics with customer insight completes the circle and gives a 360° perspective.

The Motive

Understanding motivations is as important to

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