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This month's blogs

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Global debt. Stock markets plummeting. Riots. The news in early August certainly was certainly not what one would consider good news.

Fortunately we have found some cause for optimism within some of our own pieces of research. I think we all know that there is a long road ahead in terms of generating some economic prosperity within the UK. Indeed, our new Business Confidence Research has shown that only 23% of businesses feel positive about the UK economy, whilst 66% of businesses do not expect the UK economy to improve within the next six months and 22% actually believe it will worsen!

So where is this good news you ask?

Reasons To Be Cheerful Part One

Well, whilst businesses are not expecting the UK economy to be brighter at any time soon, they remain positive about their own prospects. Indeed, 46% of businesses are expecting growth over the next six months; only 7% expect a decline in their business. This suggests that businesses are rolling their sleeves up and demonstrating some resilience amongst more negative economic news. A bit of the bulldog spirit, if you like. We can’t control the economy, so worrying about it is a bit futile. We can control our own

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