Research methodologies

We use the full range of research methodologies and techniques. These are carefully selected, individually or in combination, to meet the specific objectives of the assignment in question.

  • Qualitative – Depth interviews (individual or paired) conducted either face to face or via the telephone. Focus groups, which can be conducted face-to-face or via online forums.
  • Quantitative – which can be structured or semi-structured interviews, undertaken face-to-face, via telephone or online.
  • Mystery/sensitised shopping – a specialist B2B service, for example acting as prospective business customers, intermediaries, and pension fund managers to evaluate sales service, helplines and other customer and intermediary interfaces.

Our international research solutions include:

  • International qualitative studies - studies in North America and continental Europe with depth and tele-depth interviews conducted by our research team including multi-lingual research associates
  • Direct telephone interviews - with business decision-makers across Europe, North America and Asia, conducted by research associates in English or local languages by those with relevant language skills.
  • Multi-regional/global studies - designed and controlled from London with fieldwork conducted by our local fieldwork partners.