Research types

In today’s market, the importance of marketing metrics cannot be understated. Nor can the need to get things right and eliminate waste.

To help in this regard, we conduct research across the whole marketing mix and examples of the types of business issues we have helped clients with include:

Advertising testing and tracking

  • Benchmarking and tracking IFA Trade Press advertising for a major SIPP provider.
  • Working with a life insurance provider to help ascertain suitability of the most credible celebrity to endorse their product in advertising and direct mail..

Brand development, positioning  and tracking

  • Assisting a mortgage packager rebrand and reposition as a mortgage lender.
  • Helping a fund manager reposition as a specialist ethical fund manager.
  • Working with an insurer to identify the most appropriate and compelling overarching brand promise.

Customer acquisition

  • Working with the Project & Export Finance division of a major bank, a global project to understand the opportunities for the P&EF division, both as a whole and for its 12 different teams individually.
  • Helping a motor fleet leasing provider develop their customer acquisition strategy to increase market share.
  • Business bank switching – research among small business switching to and from our client to ascertain push/pull factors in the switching decision.

Customer satisfaction and retention

  • Running a large scale event driven customer experience tracking research programme for a major insurer.
  • Helping a major investment company develop a proactive bond policyholder retention programme.
  • Working with a PHI provider to assess new customer experience with sales, underwriting and policy set up process.
  • Helping a major bank develop their customer retention strategy by understanding reasons for account dormancy and closure.

New product development/proposition testing

  • Working in unison with Ecclesiastical Insurance to create successful award-winning new niche insurance products. The dedicated commercial Heritage insurance product was launched following a programme of strategic insight gained from management information, existing data mining, desk research and an iterative programme of primary research. The product achieved sums assured of £870,000 GWP in its first five months.
  • Helping a major mortgage lender build a sustainable intermediary business strategy and shift from a price-led proposition to an added value service-relationship driven business proposition.
  • Helping a major bancassurer decide whether to offer a new fund supermarket proposition within the partnership insurer’s product wrapper.

Communications testing

  • Working with a leading insurance company wishing to pursue a fund transfer and a reattribution of the inherited estates of two with profits funds. Research was undertaken among intermediaries and policyholders to help develop and refine the reattribution communication material.
  • Helping a group pension provider develop member communications material, ensuring clarity and understanding and delivering on TCF requirements.
  • Working with a wealth provider to develop fit for purpose IFA sales aids.

Market sizing/segmentation

  • Helping a major healthcare provider develop a proposition and positioning that would unlock potential in the previously untapped SME market for PMI
  • SRI fund manger opportunity - including interviews with staff, IFAs and investors to explore potential market opportunity for our client to reposition as a specialist SRI fund manager.

Pricing research

  • Undertaking a mystery shopping exercise in the SME PMI market to help our client develop effective pricing strategies for new business acquisition and renewal.
  • Motor insurance pricing research to test reactions to different pricing mechanisms including no/low claims bonuses; longer term contracts and higher excesses.
  • Overdraft pricing research: an adaptive conjoint study covering a range of fees, charges and price and charging structures, in order to leverage income whilst maintaining consumer satisfaction.

Usage and attitude studies

  • A syndicated research programme conducted on behalf of commercial mortgage lenders to assess lender penetration and image among commercial mortgage intermediaries.
  • Working with a major commercial insurer to benchmark current usage and attitudes in the commercial lines broker market.

Web/online platform development/usability

  • Web usability testing research conducted on behalf of an insurer to aid in the development of their website and online quotation and application system for wedding insurance.
  • Working in partnership with a charity and care home insurer to develop their web-based commercial insurance quotation, policy management and claims handling system.