Syndicated studies

Charterhouse Research provides market leading syndicated research. We are currently running two major continuous syndicated research programmes that provide vital market insight.

Business Banking Survey 2016

Our UK Business Banking Survey is the most extensive study ever conducted into the banking needs of businesses in the UK. Some 17,000 businesses are interviewed each year, ranging in size from new start-ups to companies with a turnover of £1bn.

The survey covers a substantial range of business banking topics, including product usage, channel usage, customer satisfaction, bank switching, brand awareness and bank image. It also provides the market’s definitive measure of bank market share.

Any organisation with an interest in the business banking market can subscribe to the survey. The UK Business Banking Survey is particularly useful for the following types of organisation:

  • Existing banks already active in the UK business banking market and looking to monitor and improve their position.
  • Potential new business banking providers looking to optimise their strategy and proposition through better understanding of the shape and needs of the market.
  • Any organisation or body responsible for:
    - Analysing or investing in the banking market
    - Representing or regulating the banking industry
    - Promoting or representing the interests of UK businesses nationally or regionally

For more information, call Mark Dennis on 0870 787 4492 or send him an email.

Mortgage Intermediary Survey 2016

The Charterhouse Research Mortgage Intermediaries Survey 2016 is the most robust barometer of intermediary opinion available, providing crucial metrics to help lenders achieve a competitive edge and deliver enhanced ROI on marketing activities. The research provides guidance on:

  • Intermediary confidence
  • Lender penetration
  • Overall disposition towards lenders and future advocacy
  • Identification of the critical success factors
  • How lenders are performing on the critical success factors
  • Online servicing
  • Measures of effective communication

For more information, call Julie Irwin on 0870 787 4494 or send Julie an email