Business Banking Survey

Launched in 2010, our renowned Business Banking Survey is a continuous, multi-client research programme that monitors the banking preferences, needs and behaviour of UK businesses.

It’s based on detailed telephone interviews with more than 15,000 business owners and finance directors each year.  

Key features

Covers all sizes
of businesses

From new start-ups to large corporates with annual sales of £1bn.

Common core

Used for all sizes of business, allowing subscribers to segment and analyse the market based on any turnover.


Conducted evenly and continuously throughout the year – therefore findings are not distorted by one-off events affecting either individual banks or the sector as a whole.


Enabling subscribers to keep a close eye on trends and respond quickly to both opportunities and threats.


Ability to segment and analyse the findings based on main bank, company turnover, sector, region and more.


To be representative of all UK businesses up to £1bn turnover the programme is therefore ideal for sizing markets and market segments as well as providing percentage-based results.

Extensive range of topics covered

Market Share
Main and secondary bank relationships; by product; by switchers (% of gains & losses)
SMEs’ satisfaction with their main bank across 55 separate attributes spanning:
  • Overall service quality
  • Branch banking
  • Relationship management
  • Telephone service centre
  • Online banking
  • Mobile banking
  • Complaints & complaint handling
  • Fees and interest rates
  • Lending (willingness to lend; speed of lending decision; lending decisions)
Preference & Switching
  • Bank switching, willingness to recommend main bank (Net Promoter Score) and ongoing commitment to existing main bank
  • Bank consideration (willingness to consider specific banks)
  • Bank awareness & perceived image
  • Product usage & providers used – 17 key financial products monitored
  • Bank channel usage – channels used at all in past year and channel used most

Valuable strategic insights generated

Which banks are gaining / losing market share?
Which banks are strongest / weakest within specific business sectors and regions?
Why are the highest-rated banks achieving such good ratings?
Which specific factors (from over 50 measured) are most influential in driving customer satisfaction overall
Which bank delivery channels are becoming more/ less important to businesses over time – and at what rate?
What are the relative strengths and weaknesses of individual named banks?

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