B2B Brand Tracking: Company Credit/Charge Cards

Business objective

Annual brand tracking study (2015-2017) to gather feedback from both our clients business customers & competitors on their experience of using company credit & charge cards. The main aim of the research was to collect and track key metrics namely NPS, overall satisfaction, VFM and likelihood to continue using. Research was among clients own customers, free-found client customers (for NPS benchmarking) and also competitors customers.

Our solution

A tracking study comprising circa 1,000 telephone interviews of 20-minute duration. Sample was from 3 sources: namely our client, a reputable sample provider and also Charterhouse Research’s own Business Banking Survey.  Stringent quotas were imposed by both provider and turnover bands. The survey comprised two component: SMEs (turnover £50k-£6.5m) and mid corporates (turnover £6.5m-£25m). Respondents were senior level individuals responsible for making the decisions in their company regarding their company cards.

The result

Year on year key metrics enabling our client to adopt a more focused approach to their customer service offering. The research pinpointed both the positives and negatives of a selection of service elements and where to focus attention for the most impactful improvements

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